Most Trusted Fantasy Apps In India

Top Fantasy Apps In India To Play Fantasy Cricket & Games

Fantasy Cricket is an online game in which you create a virtual team of real cricketers and earn points based on the performance of players chosen for a matche. To win a tournament, you must gain the maximum points and rank first in the ranking. Like Hero Caribbean Premier League (CPL)
Is fantasy cricket legal in India?
Yes, Fantasy Cricket is legal in India. It is a game that uses your skills and knowledge in relation to cricket and the players. It’s a platform for cricket fans who get the chance to own a team in a particular league and then decide who their team players should be. Even BCCI has its own fantasy league, which is known under the name IPL Fantasy League

Betting is a few words that are considered illegal by the general public in India but in reality, there are many fantasy apps that are 100% legal and authentic to play.Fantasy cricket is classified as a game of skill similar to other sports.

    • Dream11 (Recommended)
    • MYTeam11 (Recommended)
    • HalaPlay
    • FanMojo Fantasy Cricket
    • Fantain
    • CricMoney
    • Howzat
    • Wave11
    • CrickIt11

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  1. I have never been a fan of fantasy sports cause I always prefer sports on a field or stadium or a court but nowadays I’ve seen a lot of fantasy ads everywhere so I got curious and wanted to try and earn myself some pocket money. After doing my research form Google I registered myself with a lot of fantasy sites. First, got registered to Dream11 since they were the biggest in India, but soon found out that it was difficult to win since they’ve already got too many users across India. So tried with Halaplay, the same thing happened. I figured it was not my time or my place so decided to quit the whole fantasy thing. But somehow after awhile, I tried one more which was newly launched called The main thing that got me attracted was the payouts. All of the other fantasy sites had the same payout system but with it was different. In other fantasy sites, it doesn’t matter if you are in the 100th position or the 500th position you get the same amount, so there’s no value for positions or the fact that 100th position is still better than the 500th position but same payouts? c’mon. So anyway, I been playing on ever since and I think I can confidently say that is one of the best so far.

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