Fantasy Cricket Points

Nowdays,Fantasy Cricket is spreading very fast now. The bigger mobile app has come. The company has come. He speaks. Play cricket with us and earn real cash. But do you think this is legal in India?

First of all, we know what is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a kind of online game in which you will create a team that will play the players in the team will be real. Meaning, when the match starts, according to which you will play the ball, you will get points from the virtual team and the more points the more points will get.

Suppose Rohit hsrama is playing and is going to score 200 runs and put one crore rupees on it. If Rohit get 200 runs I will win, otherwise I will shout. This game depends on our luck, games that are viewed from the perspective of batting, hence this is all illegal. But in which you use the brain Game of Skill That which is completely legal. It is a fantasy cricket game that is a game of skill.

Your brain will use it. You will make the team, how much money the team is playing, according to how they are making money. It is completely legal, according to the laws of India, there are two three statuses where it is illogical, the rest of the place is legal.

Fantasy Cricket Score System:

In fantasy cricket league games, collecting points through strategic play is the most interesting part. Collecting points can be a task and depends entirely on how your players play the game and win the game. When you play for the first time, it is important to learn the Fantasy Cricket Score System.